Global Account

The no-hassle business account.

One global account to make international business payments with incredible speed and reduced costs. Our platform also scales across different geographies, making it easy for your business to do globally.

Receive from Wirecash-accounts

International transfer times vary. With our platform, transfers take seconds. Anyone with a Wirecash-account can pay you instantly.

Batch payments

It's easier than ever to pay your employees! Create a list or upload a spreadsheet with details for each transfer and submit one payment.

Stay in full control

Sign up today, and stay in full control of your account and funds anytime.

One account - multiple solutions

In-person sales

Run your business with a single device via your laptop, iPad or smartphone as your point of sale in your store.

Only one touch away

An easy way to accept payments cashless, from anyone. Your customer only needs to scan the QR code provided on the screen.

24/7 Support

If any unexpected problem arises, we are available 24/7 to answer and solve them.

crypto security

We keep you safe

In Wirecash security is our top priority. Wirecash is started by a team of security experts with a history of taking on the toughest cybersecurity challenges. As we scale, we'll continue to build robust and innovative solutions to keep your transactions secure.

Learn more about our security.