Invoices for your payments

Wirecash makes it easy to request cryptocurrency payments. You can create custom invoices to send out payment requests for goods & services. Whether you're a small business, freelancer, or enterprise organization.


Create a custom invoice

Add customer details, amount and due date. You can also include taxes or discounts.


Send your invoice

Email or text your invoice as a link or PDF, right from your dashboard.


Get paid

In crypto, your local currency, or a bit of both. Settlement is instant or near-instant (on-chain).

Easiest way to get paid

Send via email

Create an email and share it via email. Get paid instantly.

Send via SMS

Create an email and share the invoice link via SMS. Easy, right?

Programmatic invoices

Create an invoice for your business via our API service for your online business.

Create an invoice with any fiat currency

You can create an invoice in any currency that you prefer - from USD to GBP to EUR - we support over 30 currencies.