Accept payments from anywhere

Accept cryptocurrencies in a single platform for your business, without ever having to worry about managing wallets, obversing blockchains and providing customer support.

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Accept payments everywhere in any form

On your website or mobile app

Accept payments, deposits, and donations on your website or app via crypto.

In person

Accept cryptocurrency at your store or restourant with just a smartphone or tablet

By Email

With crypto invoices, you can send invoices to vendors and get paid faster.

We support your local currency

Don't worry about complex currency conversations. You can create an order in any currency that you prefer - from USD to GBP to EUR - we support over 30 currencies.

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Currencies that are carefully selected for you

Cryptocurrencies are quite exciting and fun, but you have to be careful when it comes accepting them as a payment in your business. Receive payments with cryptocurrencies that are eligible for every business.

In-Person Payments

To accept digital payments in your physical store or event, you don't need any development or cryptocurrency experience. You can start accepting payments as always.

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