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Accept crypto payments

Accept cryptocurrencies in a single platform for your business, without ever having to worry about managing wallets, obversing blockchains and providing customer support.

  • No setup fees
  • No monthly minimums
accept crypto payment

Accept crypto payments anywhere

On your website

Accept cryptocurrency payments, deposits, and donations online for goods and services.

accept crypto on website


Send cryptocurrency invoices with as much ease as sending an email.

crypto invoices

In person

Accept cryptocurrencies on your tablet or mobile phone at your physical store or restaurant.

in person crypto payment

We protect you from market volatility

If you enable auto conversion, we will automatically convert your received crypto payment to a stablecoin in real-time, which can eliminate any price fluctuations that may happen to the market.

This is an optional feature and you can enable or disable it anytime.

crypto payment conversion
crypto payment checkout

Customize your checkout

Customizing checkout features allows you to match the look and feel of your site. Also, we optimized it for any device to ensure that customers have their preferred checkout experience regardless of which device they're using.

Why Wirecash?

Accepting payments with traditional methods are slow, risky, and expensive. Here's why you should start accepting crypto payments.

Accepting payments


  • Fraud chargebacks

  • Waiting a day or week for final settlement

  • High fees

  • Complex integration

  • Limited support

Accepting payments


  • No fraud chargebacks

  • Instant payment settlements

  • Flat 1% transaction fee

  • Start to accept within minutes

  • Premium support


No setup or monthly fees


per payment

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